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Tawes Creek Soap Company

About Us!

After working in a self sustaining spa in New Zealand my daughter, Beth, came home with the idea of making soap.  We spent an afternoon together researching a few simple recipes for making old fashioned cold processed soap. I didn’t know much about “soap” before this and had no idea that there was a difference in hand made and store bought.  Handmade soap retains the glycerin that many commercial soap makers remove from their final products. The soap made my skin feel both clean and moisturized. I began researching more in-depth finding out that my other daughter, Erin, married last name is soap maker in Italian! I gave the soap to friends and family and was soon asked if it could be purchased.  Later I branched out to other bath and body products such as butters, lotions and scrubs. I enjoy using the gifts from nature in the products and like to tailor them to our South Jersey area. Recently incorporated in my line of products are wooden wick soy candles, many of which coordinate with the soap scents.